10 Tips for Zoom Meetings

  1. Get acquainted with the Zoom App before your first meeting.   Make sure you know how to: a) Join the Meeting; b) Turn your video on and off; c) Mute and unmute your microphone; d) Manage the windows so you can view the presenter while also seeing yourself; e) Send chat messages to specific participants and to everyone; f) If it’s likely you may be asked to share a document or show something from your desktop, be sure you know how to do it seamlessly. 
  2. Set and test your microphone in advance so that if your speak, you can do so naturally.
  3. Make sure your Zoom screen name is appropriate to the meeting.  You don’t want to join a meeting with your professional colleagues with the on screen name your son used two hours earlier
  4. Consider the purpose of the meeting and prepare for that purpose/ mood. Don’t allow your clothing, jewelry or background to be a distraction.  If it’s a serious professional meeting, you should dress polished but understated.   Don’t be too casual. If its a kid’s birthday party, then be festive. 
  5. Regarding your clothing, as a general rule, solid and rich colors look best on video and film. Try and avoid wearing bright white clothing which can dominate the screen. A safer color to wear would be a not-quite-white colors like light beige and light grey. Also, very pale colors may work better.
  6. Dress appropriately head to toe.  Even if you are set up so only your upper body appears in your video, there is the chance you may have to stand up or move for some reason, and you don’t want everyone seeing your underwear. 
  7. It’s best to light your environment from the front with soft diffuse warm light.  You don’t want to be squinting your eyes.  And with warm light, most people look better. 
  8. Position yourself comfortably so that you can see the windows on your screen, use the keyboard while not having your face pressed up to the camera.  It’s better to sit back so the camera captures your full upper body. If you are using your laptop, consider using a supplemental bluetooth keyboard so you don’t have to sit up so close. You might also consider using a separate webcam and a second monitor.
  9. It’s usually best to join a meeting with your video on and your microphone muted. Keep your mic muted except for when you speak.  Make sure you don’t have music or other background noise when you unmute your mic to speak.
  10. When you enter the meeting, it is customary to announce yourself with a simple chat text to everyone.   “Hello, Robert Risse from Palma de Mallorca”

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