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Alfonso Castano LMT

Iyengar Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Yoga for Scoliosis Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Specialist in Yoga for Scoliosis

Alfonso brings Joy and Caring to his Yoga Classes and Workshops. Students of all levels find his classes to be educational, inspirational, and fun.

Students say that Alfonso is gifted at leading students through complex asanas with clear and easy-to-understand instruction.  His classes are welcoming, inclusive, enjoyable, and up-lifting.

Alfonso Castano is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor and a specialist in Yoga for Scoliosis.  Alfonso has been teaching Yoga for over six years.

Alfonso studied Yoga instruction at San Francisco’s Yoga Garden. He then completed the Teacher Training Program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco and advanced his study under the mentorship of Denise Wendler, Jito Yumibe, Kathy Alef, and Elise Miller.  Later Alfonso earned his Certification in Yoga for Scoliosis under the mentorship of Elise Miller, founder of the California Yoga Institute in San Francisco and a globally recognized leader in this advancing the Yoga for Scoliosis discipline. 

Additionally, Alfonso has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over ten years.  Alfonso incorporates Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Sports Massage, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Traditional Thai Massage and Table Thai Massage Techniques into his Therapeutic Practice. 

Alfonso is fluent in Spanish and English.

Alfonso Castano



Robert Risse

Robert is a Personal Growth Catalyst

Through Workshops and Coaching, Robert helps people to address life’s issues, navigate challenging circumstances and enact positive planning and action to achieve well-being, happiness, and better outcomes.

In life there isn’t one right path. Well-being and achievement comes in many forms. Happiness, well-being and success can best happen when a person understands themselves, including their true goals and their fundamental capabilities. Decisions are best made in the context of one’s capabilities and resources and well was the nature of the landscape and the likely risks and rewards. A good coach can help you to better set goals and to address the individual steps towards achieving those goals. Whether you are working through the issues of a difficult relationship, or dealing with a challenging medical diagnosis, or seeking to build a company, Robert can be a trusted sounding board and coach. He can help you to see and to navigate a path that is right for you.

Robert’s insights and knowledge are the result of his diverse life, his elite University education, his street education and his openess to ideas and engagement. The son of an auto-mechanic, Robert grew up in Philadelphia, earned a scholarship and went to Mombasa Kenya as an exchange student at 15. He then matriculated at Stanford University where he earned his B.A and his M.S. Engineering while also working all sorts of jobs — including helping a woman start an airline. He then worked as a Corporate Strategy Consultant and earned his MBA at Harvard University. After a fellowship in the Soviet Union, Robert returned to Strategy Consulting in London and Los Angeles. And then he Quit.

Realizing he was on the wrong path, Robert started over. First he had to figure out who he was and to let go of a lot of baggage. In doing do, the stress and anxieties disappeared and Robert found success. He started and built seven companies, developed real estate, renovated historic properties, counseled people with addictions, became a photographer … and an event producer, and then Robert started coaching people.

Here in Fornalutx, Robert is working to grow and evolve Rayo de la Vida. He is coaching people on their businesses and available to coach on life and business issues.

Robert will be leading a Business Start-up Acceleration Group where participants can develop their plans, network with fellow entrepreneurs and execute their plans thru the early development stage process.

Robert will also be leading a Group Workshop on Opportunities in Tourism with a focus on the creation of new Active Experiences and the infrastructure to support them. Also the creation of new Events and Festivals which can Extend the Tourist Season thru the Spring, Autumn and Winter Months.

Robert will also host Positive Living Group Workshops and Inspirational Group Hiking.

For now, Robert is fluent in English only.