About Us

We are People. Neighbors. Friends. We are Inclusive. We are Welcoming. We are a Community.

Rayo de la Vida started with its studio in Fornalutx and it is now expanding to include the @Rayo de la Vida Center in Santa Catalina in Palma de Mallorca

@Rayo de la Vida hopes to bring friends and neighbors together for classes, programs, exhibitions and activities related to Active Health + Wellness, Art + Inspiration, and Self-Actualization.

We see it as a “Community Learning Center” where people can:

  • Take classes and do therapies related to their personal health and well-being such as Iyengar Yoga + Thai Massage + Yoga for Scoliosis
  • Explore Creativity through Art Exhibitions, Workshops and Lectures
  • Participate in Retreats, Discussion Groups, Workshops and Coaching for Personal Growth, Wellness, Smart Decision Making, Career Success, Networking, Building New Businesses and Affirmative Self-Actualization
  • Create and Lead Classes, Workshops and Activities

Mallorca and the World are in the midst of serious health and economic dislocations and uncertainties. Things may get worse before they get better. The one certainty is that the world is changing. Risks are increasing and there is no “Business as Usual”. This is a time of disruption. And it’s a time for new approaches for living. With disruption, there are opportunities to do things differently. So let us learn from each other, stay healthy and build upon opportunities to foster a better world.

In October, with the opening of ART Matters @Rayo de la Vida, we aspire to become a catalyst for art, creativity and inspiration in Mallorca.

The Team

Lil Buddha phD

Lil’ Buddha MD

“Doogie of Mallorca”

Born in Budapest, Lil’ Buddha traveled to Mallorca and found a home in Fornalutx where he provided tremendous joy and laughter during his formative months which coincided with the pandemic lockdown. As such, Buddha is seeks to be with people all the time and we try our best to accommodate him.

Buddha brings sweetness and joy to everyone he meets.

Alfonso Castano LMT

Alfonso Castano LMT

Wellness Director

Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor / Specialist Yoga for Scoliosis and Backcare

CIYT: Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Remember watching “Slum Dog Millionaire”?   Alfonso grew up with similar circumstances in Colombia.  At 11, he was put to the street to sell potatoes and lottery tickets.  With such a hard road traveled, you may expect a hardened soul.  But that is not Alfonso.  Alfonso’s great gift is his positive and pragmatic approach to life.  Deprived of a decent early formal education, Alfonso has built considerable expertise through a wide range of study and on-going practice. Initially trained in Massage Therapy, Alfonso’s yoga teaching builds upon a strong foundation of anatomy, physiology and body mechanics.

With advanced training in Neuromuscular Therapies, Kinesiology, and Thai Massage stretching techniques, Alfonso expanded his knowledge and practice through the study of Iyengar Yoga.  Alfonso studied under the guidance of Jito Yumbibe, Kathy Alfe, Denise Wendler, Manuoso Manos, Victoria Austin and Liza Walford at the Iyengar Institute of San Francisco where he completed his 500 hour Teacher Training.  Later he traveled to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family.  More recently, Alfonso studied and received his certification in Yoga for Scoliosis under his mentor Elise Miller in Palo Alto, CA.

Alfonso’s teaching and practice has taken him all around the world.  From Colombia, to Miami, Silicon Valley, Cruise Ships, India, the Dominican Republic and Dubai, Alfonso has taught Yoga and helped people.     Through his travels, Alfonso learned more about human pathologies and the mind-body approaches to positivity, wellness and healing.  This positive-healing sensitivity is at the core of Alfonso’s Yoga Teaching Practice.

Alfonso’s home is now at Rayo de la Vida in Mallorca.

Robert Risse

Robert John Rissé

Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Start-up Coach, Photographer, Event Producer, Catalyst for Positive Change

BS / MS Engineering Stanford University – MBA Harvard – International Center for Photography

Robert has a solid track record in creating and building early and mid stage companies. His success is due, in part, to his relentless coaching of his team members to create and build smarter and better.

Robert is an excellent coach and a catalyst in helping other people start and build new businesses and organizations. But it’s not just about business, Robert is driven to help people understand themselves, improve their situations, to grow and to self-actualize.


Robert earned a B.S. Economics and an M.S. Engineering from Stanford University.

While in high school at 15 years old, Robert won a scholarship to go to Kenya, East Africa as an AFS exchange student. It was a life changing experience which set the foundation of his ongoing education, human understanding and international business orientation.

At Stanford, Robert worked in the Computer Engineering labs and worked summers and a year off at IBM in Fishkill, NY.

Between Stanford and Harvard, Robert was a Corporate Strategy Consultant and worked on business strategies for airlines, major retailers, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, Siemens (in Munich), banks and entertainment Companies.

After Harvard Robert was Corporate Strategy Consultant working in London and then Los Angeles. His Primary client was the Walt Disney Company where he wrote the original Business Plan for Disney Stores.

Robert left consulting to assist Claude Ganz, a noted Holocaust Survivor and successful entrepreneur (DYMO) to create and build the Environmental Engineering and Clean-Up Company, RESNA Industries. Within 2 years the company was making $23 million in annual revenue. As per his plan, the company then recruited professional management with strong industry experience. Robert helped recruit the new executives and designed himself out of a job.

The economy in the early 1990’s in the USA was not good and in California it was bad. But the was “buzz” about Interactive Media, so Robert became an expert on Interactive “New” Media and the Internet.

Robert created a monthly event at his home which he called,  “Convergence: For the Creators of the Internet Future”  He selected 10 interactive media company founders to be his co-hosts for the first event. He then invited computer geeks, artists, film makers, graphic designers and an eclectic assortment of people he thought would be needed to build this new industry. . Then he got ballsy and called Paramount Pictures where he eventually reached the CEO. So or the first Convergence, which Robert hosted at his home in San Francisco, Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Paramount Pictures flew up from Los Angeles to speak. The word got out and Robert had to hire security guards to keep uninvited guests from attending. The major law firms and accounting firms all wanted in, so he told them they could sponsor the Convergencce evnets, but each was allowed only two guests. Convergence was for Creators — not accountants or lawyers.

Accomplishments as an “Entrepreneur”

Co-Founder RESNA Industries, an environmental clean-up company, with Claude Ganz. Sold to CH2M Hill

Founder: New Media Partners – Clients TriBeCa Productions, Random House, The Walt Disney Company

Co-Founder: TriBeca Interactive with Robert De Niro

Founder Mercury Seven, Inc. the early Internet company.  “We Build Internet Businesses for Clients” Grew to 1200 Employees, and $40 million revenue. Sold to a Shell Company Xceed, Inc. which went Public with new management. Clients included Rodale Press, the New York Times, Hearst Magazines, the US Postal Service, CBS Television, the Walt Disney Company, and Warner Music.

Co-Founder, ChannelSeven.com – Internet Magazine for the new Internet Professionals. It became the bible for the emerging Internet Advertising industry. The Company grew to include Channel Seven Europe, Channeleven Brasil and Channel Seven Latin America. Sold to Alan Mekler who took it Public as Internet.com

Founder: The M7 Ad Network. Sold to DoubleClick which was sold to Google.

Founder: The Internet Advertising Awards and the Millennium Internet Awards

Co-Founder: Uno Dos Tres, Inc. Internet company which secured the rights to South American Cable TV content to “broadcast” globally thru internet video. Sold to NBC/Universal.

Co-founder, OUT | New Media. The networking group for Gay New Media Professionals. Overtime the organization grew and evolved to become the global Gay networking organization, Out Professionals

Creator and Producer: Castello de Carnaval Miami , 10P Events NYC, DOLCE Miami Events

GCV Connect (Global Silicon Valley Connect) : Connecting Entrepreneurs around the world to Stanford University and Silicon Valley

Main Streets GA : Real Estate Development in Atlanta

Miami – FTL Development: Built over $20 million in Luxury Residential Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale and Miami

Founder Crucible Labs San Francisco: Business Accelerator

Development Consultant: AirBnB Experience

Instructor, Entrepreneurship at Stanford University and San Francisco State University

Start-up Coach: Stanford University School of Engineering Start-up Incubator

Member: Stanford Angels, Stanford Engineering Angels, and Harvard Angels, Start-up Investor Group