Learn / Do Cool Things

Be the Gardener. Or be a Magnificent Flower

Studio Photography 101

Pose Flash Click Studio Photography

Hands-On Studio Portrait + Fashion Photography

Learn to Set Your Subject , Use Soft Lights + Strobe Lights + Try a Variety of Cameras

Session I: Saturday October 3 9 am – 3 pm 75 euros

Rayo de la Vida is looking for interesting people who can teach fun and interesting things, lead small group workshops, and/or share life insights

Here are some of our ideas… what’s yours? What can you share with others? What could you teach to small groups? What activities can you lead?

  • How to make amazing Ice Creams with locally grown ingredients
  • Create and lead a Mallorca Flash Mob
  • Create and lead a Street Art Team
  • Teach Songwriting
  • Lead Inspirational Hikes
  • Teach Studio Photography
  • Lead a Make Your Own Beer Workshop
  • Make Fantastic Tik Tok Videos
  • Teach Calligraphy – Steve Jobs took a Calligraphy Class and changed the World
  • Create and Grow your own Youtube Channels
  • Lead a Vespa/Scooter Riding Group … Beep Beep
  • How to make cool Silkscreens
  • How to build Dry Stone Walls
  • How to change your Negative Thinking into Positive Action
  • How to Sell your Photographs
  • How to create Paste-ups for Street Art?
  • How to Start Over and Live Joyously
  • How to Create, Lead and Promote unique Travel Experiences
  • How to get a Job on a Luxury Yacht
  • How to Build your Career as an Artist
  • How to Cook like a Michelin Star Chef — or at least cook one Michelin Star Meal
  • Baking/ Making Great Edibles
  • How to turn your Hobby into a Career
  • Dance Like No One is Watching or Like Everyone is Watching
  • How to be Ok, being Different
  • How to Be who you came Here to Be


  • How to Survive Thrive during the next Pandemic Lock Down

If you can teach or lead any of these activities or if you have other ideas, let us know. We can make life here more vibrant, interesting and different.

email me: Robert@rayodelavida.com and visit us at Rayo de la Vida