Fornalutx – Sòller – Tramuntana

Where the Heavens meet the Mountains and the Sea. A UNESCO World Heritage destination with beautiful historic villages, wide sandy beaches and dramatic sea coves, alpine lakes and majestic mountain peaks, exceptional hiking trails and biking roads, wonderfully unique independent shops, performing arts, galleries and museums, a splendid range of restaurants, cafes, drinking establishments and so many great places to stay.

It’s all here. A place of inspiration, natural beauty and serenity, Endless sunshine, crystal clear lakes and sea coves, and night time skies where the stars shine bright.

We will be telling you much more about this inspired region in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, if you wish to plan a trip, contact us and we will help to design the perfect itinerary.


Fornalutx Vespa Photography Experience
Fornalutx Vespa Photography Experience

 Things to Do – Rayo de la Vida in Association with Ca’n Pera Accomodations

At Ca’n Pera. In Fornalutx. And Beyond

Some of our Guests enjoy a wide-range of Activities. And some, prefer to simply relax and enjoy the comforts of the Ca’n Pera Houses. Whatever you wish to do, we can help set it up, so you can fully enjoy your time.

At the Ca’n Pera Houses, you can:

  • Sleep Late
  • Sit in a Quiet Spot and Read
  • Connect to your Work via WiFi
  • Learn about our local History and Culture
  • Enjoy the Pool
  • Rest in the Shade
  • Tan in the Sun
  • Get Your Bike Fixed**
  • Rent a Bike
  • Do Yoga
  • Meditate
  • Get a Massage
  • Enjoy the Views
  • Cook or Barbecue
  • Enjoy Alone Time
  • Play Cards
  • Star Gaze the Night Skies
  • Enjoy a Drink or Two at our Bar
  • Share in Good Times and Laughter
  • Make Friends

** You can Safely Store Your Bikes and Get Things Fixed at the Family Shop adjacent to Ca’n Pera Village House

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In our Village of Fornalutx, you can:

  • Get an incredible Therapeutic or Relax Massage
  • Learn Iyengar Yoga
  • Enjoy a Cafe con Leche in the town Square
  • Eat Great Meals any any of our several Restaurants
  • Enjoy a Cocktail and sit in the Sun (or Shade)
  • Go to an Outdoor Movie Night
  • Dance the Lindy-Hop
  • Go to a Pottery Workshop and make a bowl on a Potter’s Wheel
  • Explore Churches and Cemeteries
  • Get Photographed at a Studio and/or Outdoors
  • Shop at our creative independent stores
  • Take Photos of the unique and varied Doors
  • Set off on a Hike to the Sea
  • Set off on a Hike to the Mountain Tops
  • Walk amidst Orange Groves, Almond Trees, Pine Trees, Olive Groves and places with Cacti larger than you have ever seen
  • Set off on a Biking Trip
  • Ride around on a Vespa
  • Go Horseback Riding
  • Take part in one of our many Festivals
  • Eat, Drink, Hang out and Meet Folks in our Local Square

Just down the Road or Hiking Path in Soller, you can:

  • Go Shopping
  • Try Cuisines from all around the World
  • Go to the Contemporary Art Museum
  • Go to the Picasso Exhibit
  • Get Inspired at the Joan Miro Gallery
  • Visit Local Artists
  • Take to Historic Mountain Train to Palma
  • Ride the Historic Trolley to the Port de Soller
  • Visit the Botanical Garden

At the Port of Soller you can:

  • Rent a Boat or a Yacht
  • Eat Great Food
  • Tan on the Beach
  • Go on a Boat Tour
  • Rent a Vespa
  • Go Swimming in the Sea
  • Snorkel and Explore our Crystal Clear Waters
  • Be the Star or Play a Supporting Role in the Baywatch Mallorca Experience

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